World Humanitarian Day: 5 Times Egypt Extended its Hand to its Arab Neighbors

August 19th marks World Humanitarian Day, an international day dedicated to recognizing humanitarian personnel. Given the importance of such a day, here are five times Egypt sent humanitarian aid to neighboring Arab countries throughout 2021. 

1- Tunisia 

Earlier this month, Egypt sent three military planes filled with tonnes of medicine, medical supplies, and equipment to help Tunisia in its struggles fighting the coronavirus.

The shipment was provided by the Ministry of Health and under the directives of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. 

Tunisia has been struggling due to the pandemic and the Delta variant of the coronavirus, and hospitals are quickly filling up as the country pushes its efforts to vaccinate its citizens.

2- Lebanon

Earlier this year, Egypt sent a plane loaded with 10 tonnes of medical supplies and around five tonnes of food.  

“On behalf of the Lebanese government and the Lebanese army, we thank the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi,” the Lebanese Minister of National Defense, Zeina Akar, said.

This batch of aid was sent to the Lebanese army and included baby formula, face masks, and hospital gowns.

3- Sudan

Back in July, Egypt sent four military planes with 38 tonnes of medical aid to Sudan. This came in support of the country and its health sector as it was struggling to fight the coronavirus and Hepatitis C.

The aid included oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, and Hepatitis C medicines, enough to treat 11,000 patients. 

4- Palestine

In May, Egypt sent 52 trucks full of aid to the people in the Gaza Strip. An aid convoy from the Long Live Egypt Fund arrived at the Rafah land port carrying 20 containers with over 500 tonnes of vegetables, fruits, cans, luggage, and electrical tools. 

5- Yemen

In March, Egypt sent two military planes full of medical and food aid to Yemen and the shipment included therapeutic milk for children.

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