When in Sahel: talabat Gives us the Tastes we Need for Summer

As we arrived in Sahel last weekend on full-on rest mode, cooking ceased to be an option for a few days. It was time we let others pamper us with a delicious meal and quality service. And who else to turn to at times like these besides talabat? We ordered a hearty meal with a balanced side of green veggies and grilled chicken topped with mouth-watering creamy spinach sauce. When it comes to specific meals though, you sometimes worry about whether it’ll arrive just as it would be served at the restaurant. Luckily though, the food arrived after a waiting time of 45 minutes, and exceeded our expectations. Fresh, check. Tasty, check. Cutlery, check. COVID-19 safety measures carried out by the rider, check!

The ordering and delivery process was as simple as spreading butter on bread. Absolutely hassle-free service, as the rider simply followed the GPS to our location, delivered our exquisite meal with utmost respect and waited until we checked that the contents of our order weren’t missing. talabat has enabled us in having round-the-clock quality services with hundreds of options. Which is probably the reason we get locked into the app – so many cravings are triggered by the various assortment of options!

Due to the top-notch experience, we decided to use talabat again for dinner, knowing now that our vacation mode can be maintained with absolute ease. And as usual, our dinner was just as stress-free, delicious, and quick. With a few clicks away, the meal arrived with a different rider who maintained the exact same positive attitude as the one before. On top of the great experience by talabat in Sahel, the various restaurants available on the app were exciting to discover as we were planning for lunch while laying by the electric blue beach. From pizzas to vegetarian/vegan dishes and aromatic coffee, talabat constantly has our backs, wherever we are!

WE SAID THIS: talabat has our backs wherever we are!