You Won’t Believe What Topped Egypt’s Google Searches This Year

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The global technology leader, Google, just released their annual year in search results, showcasing the most trending topics Egyptians searched for over the past year! The lists are divided into six categories; including the top trending searches, people, events, songs,   shows, movies, and foods in Egypt.


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The data is generated by looking at an aggregation of trillions of searches (or queries) that people searched for on Google this year. The lists are then filtered of spam and repeat queries to build lists that best reflect the spirit of 2017. You might find the presence or absence of some searches surprising, but you’ll certainly enjoy knowing what interests Egyptians!



Let’s begin with the top ten foods searched in Egypt


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10. Kahk

9. Kunafa With Mango

8. Syrian Garlic Dip

7. Kunafa With Cream

6. Bread Crumbs

5. Beef Goulash

4. How to Cook Molten Cake

3. How to Make Soft Ghoraiba

2. How to Make Yogurt

1. How to cook Artichoke


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The fact that “Feteera Sogo2 Kiri Wesh Pizza” is not on the list is disturbing. Oh, and why are people so obsessed with making yogurt?



Top ten searched for movies in Egypt!


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10. El Erd Beyetkalem

9. El Khaleya

8. Akher Deek Fe Masr

7. Abo Shanab

6. Fast and Furious 8

5. Yabani Asly

4. Laf W Dawaran

3. Mawlana

2. Horoub Edterary

1. Gawab Eatekal


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Mohamed Ramadan is literally on fire, not only for being the only one with two movies on the list but also for topping the list! I’m disappointed, however, that the only international movie on the list is “Fast and Furious 8” and not “Mother”!



TV shows and series that Egyptians loved in 2017


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10. Hany Hez El Gabal?!

9. Lam’y El Ott

8. Heba Regl El Ghorab

7. ShakShak Show

6. El Ostoora

5. Afareet Adly Allam

4. Kalabsh

3. Ramz Taht el Ard

2. Kafr Delhab

1. Selsal El Dam


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Egypt’s Favorite Ostoora didn’t only top the movies searches but also appears to be here with his most renowned tv series. On a different note, where’s Game of Thrones ya Masr?



You ready to delve into Egypt’s taste in music?


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10. Amr Diab’s New Album

9. Me’addy El Nas

8. 3 Dakkat

7. Dala3 Takatek

6. 3am Ya Sayad

5. Betnadeeny Tany Leh

4. Mezmar Abd El Salam

3. El’ab Yalla

2. Descpacito

1. El Keif


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Sorry Luis Fonsi, but Cairokee aren’t to be messed with in Egypt! Also, how come Talat Dakkat isn’t topping the list, it’s literally everywhere.



Top nine news events Egyptians searched for in 2017


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9. Warraq Island

8. Zamalek Club Elections

7. Hurricane Irma

6. Tourism Piligrime Results

5. Al Wahat Incident

4. Subsidies Cards Reform

3. Shadia’s Funeral

2. Al Ahly SC Elections

1. World Cup Draw


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As expected, football is everyone’s bae in Egypt.



Most searched for individuals in 2017



10. Mohamed Salah

9. Essam el Hadary

8. Nader Ahmed

7. Mahmoud Taher

6. Wafaa El Kilany

5. Abdel Salam

4. Jamila Awad

3. Elissa

2. Ahmed Shafik

1. Mahmoud El Khatib


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The new president of el Ahly SC, Bibo, is also the most searched for individual of Egypt in 2017! Again, football proves to be bae. Shocking that Mo is on the bottom of the list though.



And, the most searches of 2017!


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10. Burma

9. El Ahly SC Elections

8. Despacito

7. Egypt and Cameroon Football Game

6. Egyptian Knowledge Bank

5. Professional Academy for Teachers

4. El Keif Song

3. Selsal El Dam

2. World Cup Draw

1. Results of Primary Certificate!


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WE SAID THIS: Yes, the results of the primary certificate is the most searched for in Egypt!