Women Doctors are Saluted by Lebanese Policemen in Beirut

Women doctors and nurses in Lebanon need to be recognized now more than ever for perfectly carrying out their role as medical professionals and being the main pillar of their families, as well as communities. Their courage, dedication, and sense of responsibility lead us all to feel extremely proud and grateful to have such excellent medical staff.

Recently, Beirut’s policemen saluted the health workers of government-run Rafik Hariri University Hospital for being real-life heroes in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Via Gulf Today

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) figures show that “women make up 35% of the medical doctors and 79% of the nurses in the Eastern Mediterranean region. These percentages are to an extent below Europe’s averages but are almost equal to those of South East Asia and not far from those in the Americas.”

A similar initiative was seen in France and Italy, but unfortunately, it remains rare in many parts of the Middle East.

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