This CSR Role Model is Helping to Protect 57357 and Abu El Reesh El Yabani Children’s Hospital!

The Coronavirus is changing the world around us in every possible aspect. Universities and schools are shut down, businesses shifted to working from home, flights and events are canceled, countries are on lockdown, and people are encouraged to stay at home and wash their hands. Every home has a challenge of fighting the virus, but for a children’s hospital like Abu El Reesh El Yabani or 57357, the challenge means the safety of hundreds of mothers and their children.

Dettol is on the frontline of fighting the virus, donating their products to hospitals to help disinfect from any viruses and keep on treating children for free, no matter the circumstances.

Everyone has a role to play in this fight, from similar initiatives to raising awareness, to just being responsible and staying at home. Dettol chose to protect the most vulnerable in leading such an initiative, not only through disinfecting the 57357 Hospital and Abu El Reesh, but also by reminding people that they should donate as well.

You can also be a part of the help by donating to 57357 Hospital on their account, or to Abu El Reesh on #2222 in any branch of El Ahly Bank, through Fawry, or by sending an SMS on 9501.

WE SAID THIS: Initiatives like this will ensure that we have a chance fighting the pandemic!