Women Can Now Join Armed Forces in Saudi Arabia

When we thought that Saudi Arabia can’t be more open to the international community, the Kingdom hits back with another shocking regulation! Saudi women can now join the military, they will be allowed to serve as private first class, corporal or sergeant. Roles in Saudi Arabia have been opened in Saudi’s land forces, royal air forces, royal navy, royal Saudi air defence forces and medical services for armed forces – According to Sky News.

This announcement was revealed two days after the kingdom revealed that it would allow foreign men and women to share hotel rooms without needing to prove that they are married. Don’t forget to check our full scoop on it, click here!

The director of strategic communications at the UAE’S Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Heba Al Otaiba said on Twitter, “Great news. I look forward to watching Saudi Arabia’s women, lead across many industries, including serving in the country’s military.” She stated.

WE SAID THIS: What a milestone in Saudi women empowerment!