With Dubai’s Tournament Coming Up, Here’s Your Essential Guide to Polo Match Etiquette

The Middle East’s prestigious polo matches usually take place annually in both the UAE and Egypt. We always get super excited and eagerly anticipate the next polo match to have a chance to take part in the sport that is so rich in tradition and decadence, and to simply enjoy the polo season where elegance and beauty are always found.

So, if you’re planning to attend a polo match soon as a spectator there is a certain etiquette that you need to follow. We listed some essential polo match etiquette tips to help you enjoy a memorable day!


Chic and sophisticated are a must when attending a polo match. Ladies are often advised to go for summer dresses with modest knee-length hemlines. While gentlemen may wear a collar shirt or polo with slacks. Major events may call for even more formal attire, so make sure to check beforehand.

 Play it safe around the horses

Always remember to not walk too close behind the horses, but instead approach them slowly. It’s better to ask their handler -groom or player- if it’s okay to touch.

Cheer and compliment the players on their horses

Do compliment the players on their horses as horses account for a huge percentage of the player’s ability to play the game. So, a compliment to a player’s horse is a compliment to the player!

Learn the lingo

A few well-spoken words can make you sound like the polo pro we know you want to be. Try using “chukker”, “pony”, and “hook”; trust us, you’ll impress all first-time guests with your polo knowledge.

Check the schedule beforehand

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Make sure to check the schedule of the match beforehand so that you’re able to enjoy the match from the very start to witness every bit of it.

WE SAID THIS: Keep an eye out for the flying balls!