Bint El Giran Vs Haga Mestakhabeya: Theft or Coincidence?

Via Pintrest

One of the ‘mahraganat’ that went super-viral in the past couple of months is Bent El Giran, by Hassan Shakosh and Omar Kamal. The “mahragan” (song) garnered over 35 million views in less than two months! However, the two rising artists are now facing accusations from music composer Mohamed Madeen, that their song is stolen from one of his most popular songs.

The music composer claims that the song is stolen from his song for Mohamed Hamaki, “Haga Mestakhabeya”, which was released ten years ago, and garnered over 65 million views on YouTube! Omar Kamal replied to the statement and is saying that this happens a lot in the music industry, where two songs are often coincidently similar.

In an interview, Madeen stated that he filed a complaint in the Musicians’ Syndicate, to preserve his copyrights. He also said that the syndicate will start taking “mahraganat” seriously when they respect their art and don’t copy from other artists.

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