Will Smith Posts on His Facebook About Egypt and the Reactions Are Just Epic


So, we were all hyped when photos of Will Smith surfaced on social media at the Pyramids. How did we possibly miss this? We secretly wished going back to the time when we were kids so we can be on a school field trip to the Pyramids and accidentally bump into the man in black.


From photos of Smith at the Pyramids and kissing the Sphinx, to him being a tourist at the Mena House Hotel and Egypt’s Museum, the actor kept it low and quiet on his social media…that was until last night. Smith shared his first two photos of his Egyptian experience and the comments are out of this world.


We are literally treating him like a she2i2 (brother). The comments are in Arabic and capture Egyptians’ true sense of humor. We just love our people.




The post reads: Welcome, old pal. The next time you honor us with your visit we shall take you to the Mall of Egypt, show you some penguins and baladi dogs like you’ve never seen before.


The post reads: Did you take that photo with a Nokia phone?


The post reads: You now know the area, darling. Just give me a missed call and I’ll take you out for a meal at Koshary Hamada.


The post reads: Why would you come and leave without saying a single word, Will? We would have taken you to Fustat and Moez Street, give you Halabesa. You would have gone back to the States high on foul and onions.


The post reads: if you come to Alexandria, we will get you a better phone.


The post reads: My love Willo, Egypt is brighter with your presence my dear prince. Did you notice the ‘prince’ comment? Say hi to Jada and the kids. Bring them next time.


The post reads: Welcome my colleague, but I’m upset you were in ElHaram and didn’t come over to my place. I’m in Faisal next to you. Waiting for you and the family on your next visit.


The post reads: Shame on you Smith. You come and go without telling us. I would have made you fatta.


The post reads: You’re very welcome here but the next time get us something with you because we are very poor.


The post reads: There’s a horrible place called Monofeya. Make sure you say hi to their thighs next time.


The post reads: Sending regards to your thighs.



WE SAID THIS: Ahh, We love Egyptians…