Why You Should Start Your #NextChapter With No Resolutions

Resolutions, they say, is a New Year’s must-do? It’s kind of superstitious, isn’t it? I’d rather see it as a stopper to what may be or might come with. When a year ends, and one is yet to come, it’s only another challenge of survival in a messy world we live in. So why state reasons to go by, when life will always be?

One year ends for another to come, with a change of heart, mind, and soul, you can always get the chance to live a new life within your life. Does it need a list on a blank paper to document your thrills and fights, when this paper can simply burn in the echoes of the past or silent screams of excitement to what might be?

Stop, stare, stop again, stare and realize the end of beginnings. Look life in the eye for a better year or years ahead; a life that you drew with no inhibitions. If resolutions are anything, it will be nothing but suppressed inhibitions of yourself that erupts for the sake of having hope in a tomorrow that is already here, ready for you, when you’re not.


People stop at the sands of time, stepping further in times of complete desperation. Trying to overcome the hurts of the past, when the present is already walking them through to a future full of incomplete storylines that can sometimes answer un-written resolutions of thoughts hidden under our skin.

If we hide under our skin to find a better version of what we can be, it’s only a timely thing to be. If we find in resolutions the hope for a better version of us, it’s only a temporary place to be, hiding from the reality checks that keep finding our way.

Since life will always play its role and find us with surprises, spiral turns and drifts, I guess resolutions won’t figure us out of it, so I’d rather say this: stand in the face of what’s coming your way and fight. Stand tall enough within the crowds and be who you always thought you should be.

Here’s to Adele’s letter and the fine-line between what was and what is, and what may be.

This is to you, the lost, misfits, and the ones looking to belong, stop trying and live. Don’t stress on a list of resolutions that will put you through redemption, if not found at risk of your own lives. Here’s to the #NextChapter.


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