Why You Need to Be More Excited for the Inaugural Edition of the Outlet Avenue!

Since the floatation of the Egyptian pound, shopping from reputable brands without paying a small fortune has become a challenge. The floatation immensely influenced the purchasing power and the shopping behavior of fashion enthusiasts, paving the way for new trends like online shopping, thrift shopping, and more.

CFF Agency, the agency behind the successful ten editions of the Cairo Fashion Festival, is now introducing a whole new concept that could revolutionize shopping in Egypt, The Outlet Avenue!

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For the very first time in Egypt, ‘The Outlet Avenue‘ will present a four-day pop-up outlet expo, gathering a huge array of international and homegrown brands under one roof! The brands will present up to 75% sales on their offseason collections.

The event is taking place from the 18th till the 21st of April at City Stars Mall!

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Although the second, third, and fourth days are free entry, people are already excited and buying tickets for the first day; to catch the first picks, have more options in sizes and styles, and shop in a less crowded setting!

WE SAID THIS:  I’m sure fashion enthusiasts are super excited about this one!