Here’s How to Know if You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Do you ever wonder if you’re in a healthy relationship or not? I know that no relationship is perfect, but let me break this down for you, a healthy relationship should allow both partners to feel supported, connected, and most importantly, independent.

Communication and boundaries are the most important components in every relationship and should give you the freedom to voice out your concerns, feelings, and thoughts to your partner with no hesitation, even if that means using adorable names to call your boyfriend.

So, I’m going to list the characteristics of a healthy relationship below, ones that should make you feel confident and supported at all times.

Comfortable Pace

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Often times when you’re dating someone you might feel that you’re spending a lot of time with them because you want to see them all the time! It’s great, but make sure that nothing feels rushed, pressured, or imbalanced.


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To believe your partner won’t hinder the relationship. Having faith that your partner won’t cheat, respecting each other’s privacy is vital. The person shouldn’t make you go out of your way to earn their trust.


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Having space and freedom to focus on your own growth is very important, just because you’re in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean you two should be attached hip to hip.


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If respect is present, so is your relationship! Your partner should value and respect your beliefs, options and who you are as a person. They should support you and your dreams as well; they shouldn’t push you or overstep your personal boundaries.


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You and your partner should have the same equal say in every matter that concerns your life; you should be making decisions together. It shouldn’t be like one person has more say than the other.


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Both of you should care for one another. Your partner should be kind to you, understand you and be supportive especially when you’re going through tough times.

Taking Responsibility

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You and your partner are both responsible for your own actions as well as words. You shouldn’t be putting blame on each other, and own up to your own actions when you do something wrong and apologize for your mistakes.


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When your partner is reliable and you feel confident that they have your back no matter what, this is a healthy relationship. They should be respectful and faithful and never side against you even when you’re at fault. If they help you seek middle ground, this is someone worth being with.

WE SAID THIS: A healthy relationship is where you share your true self without fearing the end of it.