We Asked People About Their Life Goals and Here’s What They Said!

Via Be Yourself

By Yasmine Dawood

Life goals are not only meant to be a hashtag on Instagram, guys! I believe that every one of us should have at least one goal in life to make their existence memorable, to help them get out of bed every day and do what they need to do to achieve it.

Actually, our life goals have been inspired by others, since forever. Whether by having a couple of role models that motivate us even if they are working in a completely different field or having a completely distant lifestyle, or by making sure we’re on the right track to make our loved ones proud. However, some of us mistake having life goals with the idea of perfection. Let me assure you that your goals do not have to be perfect, or even considered as ‘ big goals ‘ by others. They can be anything, literally.

This article is to make sure that nobody’s dream is better than the other, and that any life goal is a beautiful one as long as it is real from your very own perspective. That’s why we asked five different people about their goals in life; here’s what they said!

Nour A.

Via Skill share

“My first life goal was just to be successful and try to be good at everything in terms of my social and professional life, but after reading The Alchemist, everything changed. It became more detailed, I became more aware of what I really want to do in life, and what I really need to achieve in order to be satisfied with my life. Honestly, I did not think at first that it was that important to have one goal in life that you should be working on every day. My life goal is totally inspired by my mom, and everything I do is for her, to give her the happy life she was deprived of. Her life was very tough, and she thinks that by getting older that it’s getting too late. So here I am, proving her wrong, making it all up to her. I am sure that I can make it all happen since I am lucky enough to be doing what I love the most, fashion designing.”

Mohamed L.

Via Film stage

“Life goals, oh, I think I have a lot of that. First things first, I want to be successful at my work, which means loving what I do, which will lead to me being creative at it, and that’s going to help me with making good money out of it. My second goal is to travel the world; I know it may sounds cliche, but I mean it, I want to travel to literally every country on planet earth. Another life goal is to stay positive and surround myself with people that will always bring me up in life no matter how hard it may get. I want to have a successful marriage, to have a life partner who is compatible with me and to be able to build a stable life together. I want to stay fit since I have been suffering from bad eating habits and not doing any kind of sports for so long. So, changing all of that to a healthy lifestyle and losing 25 Kg was not an easy task and it deserves to be maintained and considered as a forever life goal. On a side note, I did not start working yet in what I love the most, which is anything related to animals, but I know deep down that someday I will make We Bought a Zoo movie come to life, again, so stay tuned.”

Farah K.

Via Showpo

“I want to become a successful YouTuber. To me, it’s the perfect combination of the two things I love the most; make-up and presenting. Those two things give me positive energy like no other, they are literally my happy place. It has always been my goal to be a beauty enthusiast. Although when I first started my channel 3 years ago, everybody was against it except for a very few people, or in other words, they did not fully understand it. But that did not stop me; and never will, to stay on the same track of achieving my long loved life goal which will definitely have a positive impact on my life as a whole.”

Seif E.

Via April Kirkwood

“Well, I only have one ultimate goal in life; which is being successful in three aspects of it. Those three aspects are family, social life, and work. I know that you might be thinking about how I am planning to succeed at this or if I have any plan to do it. My answer is, I do not have a plan but I do have a different definition of success when it comes to each one of them. If we’re talking about work, being successful to me means being self-fulfilled on the personal level as much as the financial level. Being successful in my social life means being able to smartly select the people I need to be surrounded with in order to move forward. And when it comes to family, success here means stability and warmth, since my family is the key pillar to a having a healthy/good life.”

Injy A.

Via Amy Marietta

“It took me a while to actually acknowledge my life goals. I’ve always believed that we are all born to serve a certain purpose, and we need to keep searching for that purpose and fulfill it in order to live happily ever after. My life goal is to establish a high-end fashion brand. Which in my case, combines my passion, which is fashion designing, and the management part, which I’m really fond of as well. My life goal basically defines me, in every aspect; it defines my bossy attitude, my artistic touch, and my unquestionable persistence. I believe that it’s a good thing to know your strong points, not in an arrogant way, of course, and direct them at the right place.”


WE SAID THIS: So, what is YOUR life goal?

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