Why Even Movie Stars and Actors Carry Business Cards

The first impression is always the last. That’s one of the most famous sayings with a profound meaning. Every Actor working in the film industry needs an active comp card. Comp card with an appropriately configured resume is also a must nowadays.

But there is another prominent advertising tool that has become a need and a trend for every actor to carry along. That particular tool is a business card involving a photography card and a bakery business card. They serve as a portfolio card. For a serious, hardworking actor and a model, a well-designed business card with accurate information and pictures are necessary. 

As an actor, you never know when and where you will meet your next casting director. And with a well-formatted business worth looking at photography photos and relevant information written on your card, you can impress the director and get a leading role. Sounds interesting!

A business card is a low investment marketing too. However, many actors do not understand the significance and worth of a business card until they come across a situation that requires its use. As mentioned above, as an actor, you are never sure where you are going to hatch your next role. But in case you get a call from a director for an audition, and you do not have spare headshots or resume, what else can save you? That is your business card.

Therefore, you never know when you are going to cross path with your future. Therefore it is essential to keep this rectangular piece of paper with stunning pictures and point information.

Things to include in your business card 

Once you have understood the value and worth of this tiny piece of paper, you must consider some points while making a business card.

  1. Headshot

A headshot is small in size, but it’s a requirement for every business card and must be placed over the card’s front. A business card involves a photograph that serves as a reminder for remembering whose card the other person is holding. With a clean and sharp image placed on your photograph, the other person can recognize and judge you by taking a glimpse of it.

Therefore meet a well professional designer and printer and make sure you place a clean, strident, and crusty picture on your photograph.

  1. Contact information

Once you are finalizing an appropriate picture for your business card, the next step involves putting to the point and sufficient information. Your phone number, email idea, and names of the social media accounts you are using and imbd can help people follow you and enjoy work. When more people start following you on social media, you can gain popularity as people will be watching and liking your work.

With your phone number and email written on the card, your casting directors and other film industry members can approach you more easily and quickly. This will help you to increase your demand.

  1. Credits 

Impressive and striking credits must be printed on both sides of the card. It’s not easy and necessary to print your entire resume on your business card because the card is of a smaller size and cannot involve the entire printing of your resume. Therefore to make it appealing, your business card must involve accurate information regarding your professional work and your points of interest, and your specialty at work.

This will make your work easy, and the viewer of your card will not be confused, which will help you achieve work quickly.

  1. Clarity 

The clarity both in your written text and the photograph printed on the business card is essential. The wrong choices made during the selection of font, color, and printing can leave a wrong impression. Therefore chose colors and formatting of the text sensibly. The style of your business card represents your personality, especially if you are not available.

Therefore chose formats, colors, and photograph that suits and match you. It will create a good impression on the others.


Your business card is a tool to contact you in a much easier and faster way. But this does not mean that you are starting pouring every information on your business card. As mentioned above, to the point, information regarding your professional career and your interest is most important of all.

Your social media accounts will help you gain followers. And through your mobile contact people can reach you easily without any stress.

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