Why Crossfit Is The Perfect Workout for Mommies

Mommies of the world, bid your farewells to damaged thighs, abs, and skin post-pregnancy, for there might be a solution, after all! I would first like to clarify that I’m not a professional fitness instructor nor a nutritionist; this review is based on my own experience.

For six years, I’ve been struggling with weight after my first pregnancy. I have tried it all; dieting, fasting, running, spinning, going to the gym, you name it! No doubt some of the efforts did not go to waste, but I’ve always relapsed, never felt motivated, and always given in to the drama about my weight instead of shedding it off.

This year, I came across a mommy-of-three with tight abs, arms, and thighs, and for the first time I asked ‘How?’ Her answer, ladies and gentleman, was Crossfit!

I’ve always avoided similar classes in Cairo for they seemed too intimidating and I worried that my lack of fitness would leave me standing out, maybe even looking like a fool. Fortunately, I was desperate, so I gave it a go; this being after I had completely failed at sticking to a gym or seeing any results. And let me tell you this, the whole experience has opened my eyes and changed my focus showing me that sometimes it’s not all about the weight.

These are the reasons why every mommy should try to attend at least one class:

Faster results

Via Silver Giant Crossfit

Instead of wasting months randomly working out at a gym where you really have no idea what you are doing, Crossfit trainers; as well as gym personal trainers, guide you and help target those stubborn muscles.

Personally, I fail at working out my whole body at the gym, for example, I have never seemed to work my upper body. Crossfit classes tone your whole body without you even noticing it. You will even see faster results with weight loss if you eat clean. However, if nutrition is a struggle, you’ll notice that your skin tightens up whether you lose weight or not, it’s a win-win. Not to mention, your stamina changes and gradually you become more active throughout your day.

You don’t get bored!

Via TD athletics

When you attend a class, within minutes you realize you’ve been working out for a whole hour. You just don’t feel the time! Between warming up, working on your core, and then the work out of the day, suddenly you realize you’ve been burning calories for an entire hour! I have found that in the past, boredom has killed my consistency.

Sense of community

Via BeFit 360

When you become a mom, it goes without saying that you lose part of your identity. Going out, meeting friends, pursuing your career, or finding a nanny can be a real struggle leaving you home most of the time. Crossfit classes are perfect for meeting new people with similar goals. You make friends; or at least fun acquaintances, that make your day a little bit more fun.

It’s therapeutic

Via TD Athletics

Say goodbye to losing your mind from motherhood’s stress. I call these classes ‘Anger Management’. I go inside feeling like a ticking bomb and come out all detoxed. But don’t put your hopes up so high, de-stressing ends when the kids are back home.

So, what’s next?

Find a convenient class

Via Silver Giant Crossfit

Just because your friend may like another class, it doesn’t mean it will be convenient for you. Find a class that is close to work or home where trainers make you feel comfortable and at ease, because that is the only way you’ll keep going.

Find a class where your kids can tag along

Via BeFit 360

It is almost impossible to find time for yourself when you’re a new mom, so it’s crucial to find a place that has a safe zone for your child. This doesn’t necessarily mean a play area; just keeping a stroller nearby somewhere safe will do.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, or simply meet new people, you can join one of the many of the group workout arenas in Egypt. Those are like BeFit 360, Move, Silver Giant Crossfit, AOS, Ignite, Idea, Crossfit Stars, or my personal favorite TD Athletics.

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