Why Amr Diab Deserves Your Respect

Egypt has lost it this past week over a passive agressive feud between Sherine Abdel Wahab and Amr Diab. Abdel Wahab clearly threw major shade at Diab, while he replied as the true immortal we’ve all grown to love. As much as we think this whole thing went out of proportion, but according to his devoted fans, it is justified.

Now there is a reason why people are overly protective and possessive when it comes to Amr Diab. He is our hadaba, the background music to our childhood and the savior after every heart break. Amr Diab has been around for as long as we remember and he is integrated in every memory we have.

Here are just some reasons why almost everyone stood up for Diab this week:


First things first, he is immortal. He is the definition of “50 is the new 20”


Via tumblr



He has over 25 albums, so it is basically impossible to not fall in love with at least one of them


Via Amr Diab

He has been there for every 70s, 80s, 90s and even 00’s kid. He healed our hearts, he sang during our birthdays and weddings and he is the musical soundtrack to our lives


Via Amr Diab

Sahel is Amr Diab’s new album at the Marina or Mina concert.


Via Mahmoud Lotfy


He won 7 World Music Awards, 6 African Music Awards, Big apple award, Lifetime Achievements award, The Global Icon Award and has 8 Platinum records.


World Music Award 2007



He was our 80s and 90s fashion icon and every man tried to be him 



Remember that shirt?



He paved the way for people like Tamer Hosny and Mohamed hamaki


He serenaded us with the Mayal song that we still listen to as if it was just released



Now we have Jana Diab’s angelic vocals as well because of him


Via Janadiab_ Instagram


He is the one and only Amr Diab


Via Amr Diab



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