Amr Diab’s Daughter Is Also a Singer and Her Voice Is Flawless

You’re not truly Arab unless you’re in love, or at least memorize three of Amr Diab’s albums. Well, it’s now time to add another Diab into the mix. Yup, it’s not all just about Amr anymore. Allow us to introduce Jana Diab (known on her social media as Jana D), Amr’s daughter who is following her dad’s footsteps…but in English.


“Meat” me at meat liquor

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Jana just released her first song Mouth Taped Shut via her Instagram account and YouTube channel, and it blowing up the Internet. We honestly didn’t expect her voice to sound that flawless, but then again, we’re not surprised when you have a dad like Amr Diab. We wish you the best of luck, Jana, and can’t wait for what you bring next.



Listen to Mouth Taped Shut below, and thank us later: 




WE SAID THIS: Dem Diab genes  are good!