Ahmed ElSakka Just Got Caught on Camera Doing the Most Ahmed ElSakka Thing Ever

Via Scoop Empire


He is the lion tamer. He is the man who never dies. He is the biggest I-do-my-own-stunts actor. He is the one and only Ahmed ElSakka and he just proved that he is our Egyptian Superman. The actor was just got caught on camera by Youm 7 being a real life hero after seeing a car flipped over and a woman in distress.



The footage shows ElSakka asking everyone to stand back so only one person, A.K.A himself, gets hurt if something went wrong. He then jumps into the car to turn the engine off, take the car keys to prevent an explosion. While some people don’t understand why others find this impressive, others reminded them of the countless times they needed help in the street and no one bat an eyelash. Sigh!



WE SAID THIS: Ben7ebak ya Sakka!