‘What To’: This Community Will Cure Any Indecisiveness on What to Watch, Eat, Play or Listen to

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How many times have you spent all your free time scrolling through Netflix, trying to decide what to watch but couldn’t? Same goes for spending too much time deciding what eat in front of your online ordering app, and getting bored and deciding not to eat at the end. Indecisiveness is a problem that a lot of people share, especially with trivial things like what to eat, watch, or read.

A Facebook community is here to help you through your indecisiveness, creating a series of groups called that will give you recommendations on What to Watch, What to Eat, What to Read, What to Play, and What to Listen to! Of course, the series of groups didn’t stop on recommending things with details and reviews. They took things to the next level, making it an entertainment hub revolving around a specific interest. So you see between recommendations, some questions, trivia, discussions, debates, lists, games, etc.

My personal experience is on the ‘What to Watch’ and ‘What to Play’ groups, and the experience was definitely fun and entertaining. It’s fun to get to share your favorites among like-minded people, discuss thoughts, share reviews, and ask for feedback about something (be it a movie, book, or game) before spending time and money on it. The members are very respectful, helpful, and have some interesting and diverse insights on anything you’ll talk about. If you’re not a member of the community yet, pick the thing you enjoy doing, and join its group.

WE SAID THIS: We still need the where to travel group!

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