What Really Happened At Israel’s Nova Festival ; Facts & Lies Finally Exposed

Back on October 7, Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, killing at least 260 people during the open-air Tribe of Nova Music Festival. Since then, the incident sparked major controversy as many inconsistencies have begun to rise to the surface. The most recent so far is how one of the witnesses of the festival, Niko Ostroga, lied to an Israeli media outlet after claiming that he saw 29 of his friends killed during the Nova Electronic Music Fest. A journalist and blogger, Daniel Amram exposed Ostroga in an article where he mentioned that it was discovered that Ostroga wasn’t even at the festival.

It turns out that Ostroga’s father confronted him because his son showed the reporter of the Israeli media outlet random photos taken from Facebook in 2016, claiming these are his friends who died in the festival. These photos turned out to be unrelated to Ostroga and the people who appeared in it, who are supposedly ‘dead,’ even asked Ostroga’s dad to help him take down the story.

Beyond Ostroga, many other lies and inconsistencies began to surface. About a month ago, an Israeli newspaper known as Haaretz confirmed that some IDF helicopters also killed civilians at the music festival. Unexpected reports from residents have been circulating in the past few days of how several IDF helicopters mistakingly shot civilians. This was because the IDF were not prepared for the Hamas attack and had difficultly differentiating what they saw on the ground.

These new findings contradict what has been circulating about the October 7 attacks as what was known back then was that only Hamas attacked Israeli civilians attending the festival. That is why when it comes to the October 7 attacks as well as the Nova Music Festival, caution has to be taken when filtering through what is real and what is made up.

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