“Winter is Now A Real Threat” Says Motaz Azaiza In Live With Egyptian Bassem Youssef

Yesterday, the Palestinian photojournalist Motaz Azaiza has joined the Egyptian comedian and heart surgeon Bassem Youssef whose two interviews with British broadcaster Piers Morgan has gathered millions of views since the start of the current genocide on Gaza.

For a few minutes, watched now by over 2.5 million people, we were able to hear from Azaiza who is on the top of the list of people covering the genocide on Gaza day by day, putting his life at risk at all times. Azaiza tackled three important points. The first one is the systematic evacuation tactic, that according to him began by evacuating the residents from the north until the middle area, and after that the Israeli forces proceeded to pressure them to the south, all the way to Rafah Crossing.

These evacuations were “by no means safe” and happened amid constant bombardment that martyred hundreds of displaced families.

In addition to that, Azaiza makes an important remark about the urgency of a sustainable ceasefire. He said that the concern now is not about the lack of shelter or food but about the aftermath of all of this, how will people resume their lives when they return to their demolished homes?

Lastly, Azaiza points out the lack of coverage of the West Bank due to the focus of media on the deaths and atrocities in Gaza. He says people tend to forgot that this is taking place in the West Bank as well, although the death toll is smaller, yet it deserves more attention.

Both Azaiza and Youssef decided to stick to regular lives of such sort in order to spread the word to the people about the real situation in Gaza in particular and in Palestine in general from someone who is living it at every second.

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