Millions Of Yemenis On The Verge Of Starvation Following The UN’s Forced Pause Of Food Programme

In a press release in early December 2023, the World Food Programme has announced pausing food distributions in northern Yemen, the area under Houthi rule, due to limited funding and unsettled negotiations. Because of this decision, millions of people in Yemen are in need for support amid escalating famine and unprecedented unemployment rates. But with the UN’s inaction, who will come forth to provide aid for the war-stricken Yemenis?

According to the WFP report, this “difficult” decision was reached after a year of negotiations that ended with a disagreement from the Houthi side to downsize the food programme to meet the needs of 6.5 million people instead of 9.5 million.

This comes amid Houthi’s reactionary move to control Red Sea navigation, which forces ships bound for Israel to revolve around the entire continent of Africa instead of passing through Bab el Mandeb Strait. The situation in Yemen triggers further debate about the US upper hand in worsening the humanitarian crisis, one that’s perceived by some as a “wake up call” to neighboring countries to stand with Yemen as a Muslim Arab nation.

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