We Decided to Give HireHunt Some of Their Own Taste in This Interviewing Game

The whole relentless process of recruitment got totally tweaked with HireHunt website, the first and only interactive recruitment platform in Egypt since 2015. We couldn’t resist this thought-provoking platform and decided to interview the Founder of this enthralling website, Bassil Fatin.  

Before battling with Basil, we had to get some information about how he got inspired, how it works, and all that. Here is everything you need to know.

How did you first get started with HireHunt?  

I was the Technical Manager at a software company, and I already knew that the process of hiring and recruitment really sucked for applicants, but I imagined the other side of the employers frolicking in a green field of happiness till I had to hire a number of people really fast. I figured out how boring the process can be, checking the database, which is full of tons of CVs that are mostly replicas of the same one and were all full of the “I want to grow my skills in a reputable organization”, “critical thinker”, “I play Tennis” sort of stuff. I instantly knew that there is something wrong about the whole process. I became actually fascinated by this problem, and I came up with the interactive solution to this, HireHunt.

Via HireHunt

How are you managing to survive in a massively competitive market?  

It is true that it is insanely competitive because there are several recruitment websites, besides the actual recruiters online already. However, HireHunt is very different, which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. The good part is that we are very experimental and we create the odds of right people meeting in the work context and with that, if employers are looking for mass hiring, then we won’t provide it. The whole idea about HireHunt is really helping both parties, and skipping all the awkwardness and ugliness of the interviews, with polished CVs and dishonest answers.

What was the worst interview experience you ever had? 

Well, I went to this big corporate, and I had to wait for an hour and a half till someone came and gave me an exam to solve; I finished and I waited for another hour and a half then I had to go outside to ask if there will be anyone to follow up. I asked the nearest employer in front of me awkwardly, and he just said: “This is not my job I can’t help you”. I had to leave eventually, dwelling on my precious time.

Who comes up with the questions and games in HireHunt? 

It’s a mix of HireHunt team and other consultants from different fields. It is, of course, difficult as the AI and gamification are taking time to arrive in Egypt. However, we are going absurdly fast with our progress and we keep changing things all the time, by the time a corporate tries a specific technique, whether the voice notes, Hirehunt pod on Facebook Messenger or the actual questions, we come up already with a new set, which is intriguing.

What is your advice to new fresh graduates? 

I say the quicker you adapt to how different the career life is, the better. Also, time is the only thing that is in constant decreation so never stop investing in it.

Were there any noticeable people in HireHunt who scored really high scores? 

Actually, my whole entire team got hired by HireHunt, and each one had an impressive answer. Also, a lot of other applicants really have impressive answers and they get featured in the Spotlight talent, every week.

Who would you hire, Batman or Superman?  

Honestly, neither of them. Batman has already so many issues on his side, and I don’t want any downgrading vibes in my office. On the other side, Superman is a bit too goody goody, like he would require a lot of clapping in the office every time he comes and saves our lives so, I choose to skip both.

Who would you fire, Voldemort, The Joker or Saruman from Lord of the Rings? 

Can I hire the Joker? Because we already have a designated room for the Joker in the office.

Describe HireHunt in 3 Words 

Different, honest, and fun.

As a music fanatic, Choose one track for HireHunt

PinkFloyd’s Breathe.

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