Check Out These Arab Celebrities’ Savvy Take on The Kiki Viral Dance Challenge

Drake is a definite music chart record breaker, and the definition of meme origination all over the world, from Hotline Bling to In My Feelings from his latest album Scorpion. The catchy typical Drake rhythm unsurprisingly led to a viral dance challenge.

It all started when the Instagram Comedian theshiggyshow posted a dancing video on June 29, mimicking Drake’s heart gesture and other dance moves synced with the lyrics. The 5 million views video started the trend, with more than 79,000 challenge video all over the internet right now.

As expected Arabs joined this bandwagon and added their own spin on the challenge, and here are our favorite picks:


Dina El Sherbiny decided to ditch Drake’s song for “Faree2 el 3ammal” with the hashtag Kiki who? Like for real, we can’t blame her though.

Yasimine Raeis followed along the same vibe and switched the challenge’s moves to more spontaneous moves on Mohamed’s Fouad Sa3at bashta2, and we are not sure about this one but we are sure that we are digging Yasmine’s white outfit.

We are not surprised by how good Lara’s take on the challenge is but we can’t help but want to join in and dance along.

Mekawy’s take alongside Yasmine Sayed is as expected; he took a good hang of the moves with the typical clumsy ending, which reflects our unintended Egyptian streets.

Some fun never killed nobody ??‍♀️?? – #inmyfeelingschallenge #inmyfeelings #kiki

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This one is by far our favorite one, just take a look at it, the cover girl, mother-goals is the winner of this challenge for us.

Sabry’s one, on the other hand, is our melodramatic life with our moms, the bawab, and el nas.

This one started so good we had all our expectations so high, and it hurt so badly to see this beauty hit at the end, but we admit we laughed so hard. Sorry, not sorry.

 WE SAID THIS: All hail the Arab world!