Ways to Make That Time of the Month Suck Less!

Getting our periods might be a norm for us, women, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck! I know how it feels when your uterus feels like exploding and having to act normal around your friends and co-workers when you actually feel like killing yourself. I used to dread the day I get my period, I hated it! It’s exhausting on all levels; mentally, physically, and emotionally. And let’s not talk on how depressed, moody and anxious we get.

However, I’ve finally begun to actually embrace my cycle! You must learn to cope with it; trust me this will completely change the way you live your life. It’s been a journey where I’ve picked up some pretty neat tricks to get rid of the cramps, bloating, and headaches that usually come along with periods.

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The most obvious and simple thing to do is to stay warm; this one can help you a lot with the cramps. Whether hugging a heating pad, a hot water bottle, or a knitted tummy warmer, the most important thing is to try and make your midsection area warm; it will greatly help your muscles relax and prevent the painful cramps.

Ease up on the exercise, one can’t deny that exercising has a lot of benefits but overdoing it at this time of the month may actually cause you damage! You’re most likely to wear up your adrenals sending yourself into exhaustion. However, this doesn’t give you a green light to sit on your couch all day; gentle exercise like yoga, stretching, or walking is perfect. It will improve your menstrual flow and reduce pain.

Also, I recommend you to cut down dairy products; like milk and cheese. Your uterus will thank you for it because dairy products may actually increase your cramps and bloating altogether. Instead, increase your Magnesium levels; it’s an essential mineral that plays an important role in developing healthy eggs. Magnesium helps our muscles relax, alleviating period cramps. It also helps prevent headaches, migraines, as well as fluid retention and bloating.

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I advise you to dedicate it that time of the month to yourself; it’s the perfect time to unwind and do some personal reflection by starting to write a journal for instance! Write about last month, how you were feeling, and what you aspire to create during the month ahead!


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