Watching Zeina in ‘Le23la Se3r’ Will Make You Realize You Need Anger Management Therapy

TV shows have been brutal this Ramadan. Everyone is either cheating, lying, screaming, brainwashing or planning a murder. We have recently crowned Bassel Khayat as villain of the month, but Zeina deserves to sit on the throne of evil right next to Khayat.


Ever since her twin’s paternity test saga, Zeina has disappeared from TV. We consider her role in “Le23la Se3r” the biggest comeback of Ramadan. This woman is evil personified. She is a manipulative man-eater and we love her. The character Laila manages to make every woman need anger management therapy.



No matter how romantic Laila gets, women feel like beating their screens or smashing their phones while watching her batting those eyelashes




 She makes us feel things. It’s mainly hate. We hate her. We hate her. We hate her


Via Le A3la Se3r



We know cheaters exist, but this woman burst our denial bubble. We now hate men. We hate all of them. Love is a myth


Via Le A3la Se3r



Husbands are suffering everywhere


Caption reads: My wife started watching Nelly Karim’s mosalsal. May God keep us safe. #Feeling_worried


Caption reads: Whenever my wife watches Nelly Karim’s mosalsal, she starts giving me weird looks and starts drama.


Caption reads: My wife gives me an attitude when she watches nelly Karim’s mosalsal.



But women are turning over one another. We are losing our minds


Caption reads: If you are all nelly, then where are the Zeinas?



Not only have we lost faith in men, but Laila makes us also suspect and question the sincerity of every girlfriend we have


Via Le A3la Se3r



We feel victorious when Laila is in pain. We literally love to see her miserable


Via Le A3la Se3r



This scene is every scorned woman getting back at her cheating lover. We are all taking this too personally. This is all the fictional Anger Management therapy we needed this month


Via Le A3la Se3r



WE SAID THIS: Who knew one woman could raise all these hostile feelings?