#WaraElCeema: We Talk to ‘Mamlaket Iblis’ Screenwriter Mohamed Amin Rady After the Great Success of Season 2

In this edition of #WaraElCeema, we spoke with one of the most talented writers in the scene right now, Mohamed Amin Rady! He’s an Egyptian screenwriter who found success among audiences and critics alike with the airing of his first TV series, “Niran Sdeeka” (Friendly Fires) in 2013. He also established his company, Clockwork Temptation, that
specializes in scriptwriting for cinema and television, as well as marketing
scripts locally and regionally.

We talked about his latest series, the second season of “Mamlaket Iblis”, his first project, his company, future plans, and more! Follow our hashtag #WaraElCeema for more exclusives from the movie industry!

What are your expectations for the second season of “Mamlaket Iblis”? 

I avoid having any expectations of the reactions before any of my projects, I wait until I see something concrete.

How do you think the fact that it’s aired digitally on Shahid first influenced its success? 

The success of “Mamlaket Iblis” was more than anyone’s expectations. We can now see the the future of media platforms with original projects like this one.

How did Clockwork Temptation come to life?

After the success of “Niran Sadika”, producers asked me to write several projects and of course, I can’t write more than one series at a time. So me and my friend Ahmed Shawky, we decided to establish a company that would conduct workshops for writing, both professionally and formally.

How did you get your first series, “Niran Sadeeka”, produced? 

I faced a lot of difficulties in order to produce “Niran Sadeeka”. Most of the producers rejected it as a script. One of them told me it’s not suitable to be on TV. Until I met Tarek El Ganainy, he gave it a read and was excited to take the project.

Do you enjoy writing drama or fantasy more? 

I like to try all genres. My favorite is musicals, but I like to try everything. Even if I’ll be successful in some genres more than others.

Will there be a third season for “Mamlaket Iblis”? 

Nope, “Mamlaket Iblis” is two chapters only and that’s it.

What are your future plans?

I’m writing now a series of Tarek El Ganainy called “Lel Mawt Kessa Akheera”, I hope we’ll shoot it before the end of this year.

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