#WaraElCeema: Ahmed Sharkawi On Netflix MENA and How Your Series Could Be the Next ‘Paranormal’

You’ve definitely seen or at least heard about the most anticipated series of 2020, Netflix’s ‘Paranormal’! Days before the launch of the first Egyptian Netflix Original series, we had a super interesting conversation with the Director of Arabic & African Original Series at Netflix, Ahmed Sharkawi!

Ahmed Sharkawi sat down with our Chief-of-Content Sabrina Khalil and got to discuss why ‘Paranormal’ stood out as an exceptional story that Netflix was excited to bring onto screens around the world, Netflix’s investment in the region in both talent and authentic storytelling, and some insights into their exciting upcoming local projects. Check out the video below for the full interview, and follow our hashtag #WaraElCeema for more exclusives from the film industry.

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