We Want to Look as Glamorous as Ghada Abdel Raziq in Her Apology Video

Via Ard Gaw


We are quite huge fans of queen Ghada Abdel Raziq. It will never matter how many new faces grace our Ramadan TV, or if her show ‘Ard Gaw‘ wasn’t the biggest hit this year. Abdel Raziq is a woman who shaped Ramadan series. She is an annual must and a vintage delicacy. This woman is a freaking grandmother. We haven’t reached our thirties yet and we consistently fail to be half as glamorous as her.


This week, Abdel Raziq found herself under social media fire after her live video went viral for all the wrong reasons. Sadly, the actress unintentionally had a wardrobe malfunction that left her devastated. What started as denials and claims that the video was fabricated, soon ended with another video and an official apology.



Our favorite star claims she was under medication and that it clearly affected her judgement, and bravely apologized to her fans. Abdel Raziq, you have nothing to apologize for. This could happen to anyone and that’s the worst part about social media. A public apology is never an easy decision and it takes a real fighter to make one.


On a side note, no one has ever looked more glamorous and divalicious while crying as this woman.



WE SAID THIS:  We love you, Ghada.