Virtual Love: 5 Ideas For ‘Connecting’ On Valentine’s Day

Due to the circumstances we’ve all been facing, many of us have cancelled so many plans, commitments, and celebrations. Sadly, this pandemic is still going on and cancellations continue to hit our faces. Valentine’s Day is also coming up and the least we could do if we’re celebrating it in distance is to celebrate it virtually, right? Let’s channel the positive aspect out of this instead of the negatives, and start celebrating love virtually the right way!

Virtual Valentine’s is our only and first solution for the time being. Hold on though, because we’ve gathered some ideas to those celebrating it virtually!

Take virtual matching pictures

Usually anyone of us enjoys taking pictures with their partners or with the ones closest to their hearts. If you’re being forced to stay distant from your partner, then anything virtual is the right solution; so why not stay in as you are? Just dress up and start taking matching pictures with your smartphones. That always saves our day, and then simply combine them all together on a board!

Virtual movie night in

Don’t we all just love movies and think of them as our first solution to almost everything? Well, it’s also this Valentine’s solution. Whether a marathon or binge-watching, both of you go get your popcorns and do this virtual movie night right!

Send them a package of their favorite things

Virtual Valentine’s doesn’t mean that you can’t receive a Valentine’s gift or even send one. What’s the purpose of technology if we can’t send each other some gift packages though? We all know by now our partner’s favorite picks be it in books, playstation games, make-up sets, bags and more. We’ve got you covered with a creative sentimental idea for this. Get them a package of their favorite things, un-pack each other’s gifts virtually, and live the moment!

Plan a virtual cooking class that ends as a dinner date

Don’t worry, the date you had planned won’t be destroyed completely. It’s still going to work, but this time with a new and different touch to it. Why not search for a cooking class that can help you cook a nice fancy or cozy meal? This is what we meant by saying your dinner plans won’t be ruined completely!

Perform something to each other

If both of you are tired of all the cliché ideas, we’ve thought of something fun and fresh for you. Make use of your smartphones by setting them on a table, and perform something for each other. Whether it be a funny poem or a romantic play, anything you pick is on the table!

Plan a virtual game night

Who says no to game nights? If you’re into these board or card games, this definitely should be your first go-to! Just create a nice setting, and get your inner competitive side out. Let’s get started and make this time a playful Valentine’s Day!

Happy virtual Valentine’s everyone!

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