Viral Visual: This Video From Lebanon’s Martyr’s Square Will Be the Most Touching Thing You See Today

So far Lebanon’s revolution has shed light on so many crucial aspects. However, last night, November 6, 2019, at 7:00 pm, Lebanon showed all of us the true meaning of unity and the power of women’s role in society. All of the brave Lebanese women, the nurturers and community makers gathered as a response to Sara’s bag call, and her friend Mariana Wehbe. Sara said on her Instagram account “Let’s light a candle for the strength we have shown and the resilience that will never die. Bring a candle and your peaceful prayer and let’s combine all our strengths to light up Martyr’s Square.”

“We all want one thing. The Lebanon we dream of” she continued, thanking everyone who showed up,” She added.

WE SAID THIS: Go Lebanon!