10 Prominent Lebanese Figures That Are Shining in Their Own Light

Underrated in so many things, Lebanon is a trove of many treasures, from natural landscapes to rich heritage, but most importantly, its people are its biggest asset. The Lebanese people have taken entertainment by storm, but it’s not all singers and actors; there are business tycoons, media personalities, entrepreneurs, and influencers.

Here is a list of all the Lebanese people we think you should know about.

Raghida Dergham

A Lebanese-American journalist and senior correspondent, Raghida Dergham spent 28 years of her career as the New York Bureau Chief for the London-based Al-Hayat daily. She is also the founder and executive chairwoman of the Beirut Institute, an independent non-partisan Arab think tank.

Dana Khairallah

Dana Khairallah is the woman behind Lebanon’s first-ever lifestyle blog, Ivy Says. She kickstarted the whole thing in 2009, posting anonymously at first to give herself more freedom of expression. The blog contains everything from dating adventures to satirical pieces.

Amal Clooney

Human Rights Lawyer Amal Clooney was born in 1978 in Beirut, Lebanon, and went on to distinguish herself with a prominent career. Her clients include Julian Assange, the creator of WikiLeaks, Yulia Tymoshenko, the Ukranian former prime minister, and Nobel Prize winner, Laureate Nadia Murad.

Marcus Lemonis

Successful businessman, politician, media personality, and philanthropist, Marcus Lemonis is indeed a jack of all trades. His television show ‘The Profit’ on CNBC showcases Lemonis rescuing a number of small businesses from bankruptcy with savvy economic strategies.

Rabih Salloum

Artist Rabih Salloum is a Beirut-born Lebanese who has spent most of his adult life experimenting with different forms of art. The lead singer of the band Slutterhouse is a fictional writer, a stylist, and an art director. Currently, he is working on publishing a number of short stories and novellas.

Elie Saab

The world-renowned Lebanese fashion guru Elie Saab started working in bridal couture in the early 1980s. He went on to dress celebrities such as Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Eva Green, Celine Dione, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Swift.

Nour Arida

‘N for Nour’, one of the most popular Lebanese blogs is owned and managed by Nour Arida, a fashion enthusiast, Vogue collector, and blogger. Her feed is filled with charming clips of her daughter and homelife.

Maher Zein

Born in 1981 in Tripoli, Lebanon, Maher Zein is a highly-acclaimed R&B Singer and Songwriter. In 2009, his debut album ‘Thank You Allah’ is one of the best selling albums of this genre.

Karen Wazen

Via Fustany.

Influencer Karen Wazen was born in London but raised in Lebanon; she identifies as Lebanese to the core. Wazen is a style guru and an eyewear designer, but most importantly, she considers herself to be a storyteller. Often on her feed, she shares her personal experience through images and written words.

Gino Raidy

‘Gino’s Blog’, in the words of its creator, is a place for everything you love and hate about Beirut.”  The Lebanese biologist, reporter, and copywriter Gino Raidy covers current events, personal opinions, and entertainment with witty comebacks and an interesting sense of humor.

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