Viral Visual: CrossFit Fail

CrossFit this. CrossFit that. How about cross that off any list I ever did or am intending of doing in the future. Or how about big red cross over any future exercise plans? I joke. But seriously, if I needed one more excuse over my million excuses to not work out (ever again) it would have to be this video.

Talk about mad fail, watch this video to find out how to: get that douchebag gold medal award while working out. Or to discover different ways exercise could potentially kill you. Or how gravity and CrossFit will never be able to play friends.

To the Internet: Thank you for having my back. No CrossFit for me and I got solid visual proof.


WE SAID THIS: For those of you more fitness inclined than Ghufran, check out interview with Karim El-Nokaly, a CrossFit coach in Cairo.

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