$haring is Caring: How to Split the Check Once and for All


It’s true, you know. Sharing a meal every now and then will make a remarkable difference on your paycheck. For instance, if you shared simple things like appetizers and dessert, you would still feel fulfilled and the impact on your wallet would be lessened by half.

Now, we all know two scenarios when it comes to splitting the bill:


1. Splitting the amount (+tip) on all attendees equally

This one has a huge advantage of a quick getaway for those who ordered more – they are treated as equal to those who ordered less. This is usually done when all parties consent to the treatment and have equal (and steady) financial status.


2. Splitting the amount (+ tip) on all attendees relevant to their orders – “the Dutch treatment” (or some call it “the English treatment”)

Going Dutch is more specific – and, in my opinion, the fairest – and would require a sober mind and a calculator in hand.

For this, follow the below steps and I guarantee that each time you go out, handling a bill will be a lot easier:

Addition: Service + taxes + water + covers (if applicable) + tip (should be at least 10% of the total bill)

Divide the sum of the above addition on the number of attendees.

Each attendee is now required to pay his/her order + the addition.

There you go.


If you still have a problem covering your outings’ expenses, consider this: Do not have your lunch and dessert in one place. You can have a fulfilling meal and then go for ice cream (cheaper alternative that we all love) or replace your soft drinks with shared water (healthier!).

Finally, if all of the above didn’t reflect positively on your wallet then, my friend, you have a problem and you need to budget your paycheck equally to your age/income/savings plan. Meanwhile, consider small things such as getting your own groceries and prepare home-cooked meals to reduce spending on take out.


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