VIDEO: AUC Student Gives the Most Inspirational and Realistic Commencement Speech

A commencement speech marks your college career’s last and final memory. It is a speech that puts your work for the past four or five years into perspective; those few words have the power to inspire the entirety of a graduating class, and give them hope for a brighter future.


Sometimes a commencement speech is powerful, at other times it is inspiring, but every now and then there is one truly revolutionary speech, one that even has the power to inspire a much older generation of adults.



This week, the American University in Cairo bid its farewell to the class of 2017. Ali Shaltout, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Accounting, gave the most realistic speech ever, one that perfectly captured the struggles faced by the generation of millennials.


If you find yourself lost in a sea of responsibilities, stuck at a job you hate at the age of 40, or you simply forgot what it’s like to chill, this is one speech that you definitely need to listen to.



WE SAID THIS: Congratulations class of 2017.