Viral Video: Artist Documents Every Sound That Makes Egypt Beautiful

Via Ahmed ElSadre

The never-ending chaos, eternal traffic jam, and surging prices are constant struggles we all have to endure in Egypt. Our calm and peaceful childhood in Cairo is long gone and we tend to forget about the true essence of our country.

Egyptian travel lover and Filmmaker, Ahmed Elsadre, is on a mission to redirect his followers’ vision of Egypt. The 28-year-old former GUCian followed his passion for creating content in spite of being an architect and decided to take us on a trip across Egypt. The artist’s blog sheds a different light on the country by sharing peaceful summer moments to swimming with seacows in Marsa Allam and so much more.

This time, Elsadre created a simple, yet brilliant, video, The Sound of Egypt 2.0, where we get to listen to his footsteps while walking across Egypt’s most iconic sites. Beauty is all around us, we just need to occasionally unplug and listen.



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