Akram Hosny’s Awareness Video is Going Viral And It’s The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today!

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Akram Hosny is currently one of the leading Comedians in Egypt, with great roles in movies, shows, and even commercials! This week, DMC posted a video of him that went extremely viral; garnering about eight million views in less than two days! The video is super funny, but it’s not the only reason why it went viral.

السند مش في العدد يا أبو شنب.. اتنين كفاية

أنا اللي جبت ده كله لنفسي، ياعيني عليا وياعيني عاللي هيجرالي كنت فاكر عزوتي في كتر عيالي، بس مين فيهم وقت الجد هيفضاليطب أي حد يجي يجف في ضهري بجا وخلاص#أبو_شنب#السند_مش_في_العدد #اتنين_كفاية

Posted by dmc TV on Sunday, January 27, 2019

The video is a part of The Ministry of Social Solidarity’s latest campaign to tackle the case of overpopulation in Egypt. Her Excellency, Dr. Ghada Waly, The Miniter of Social Solidarity said in an interview with Amr Adib that Akram Hosny volunteered without getting paid in the campaign.

The video tries to send a message to parents that two children are more than enough.

WE SAID THIS: “The more the merrier” is not valid in all cases.