Video: Haifa Beseisso Strikes Again and Shatters Stereotypes About the Middle East

Via Fly With Haifa

Once again, Haifa Beseisso, aka Fly With Haifa, takes the world wide web by storm with another one of her super creative, yet statement-making, videos. This time, the Palestinian Vlogger joined forces with Kimo Basha and together they came up with a video that serves the purposes of entertainment, shattering stereotypes, and bringing people together!

The video posted two days ago sheds light on how media portrays the Middle East forming stereotypes about the region and its people. Haifa and Kimo took us on a virtual tour to countries in the entire MENA region, and not just the Middle East, like Egypt, Morocco, and the UAE. We’re talking a Broadway-like musical performance in the region’s most iconic locations here!

The duo sang, and rapped, about women’s rights, primitivism, history, culture, and beyond; and honestly, for a YouTube video, the production is huge and quite impressive! After conveying their powerful message in their super fun manner, they concluded that their message is not just limited to Arabs or the MENA region. Everyone, and literally EVERYONE, in the world is prone to facing discrimination and stereotypical comments, and this shouldn’t be the case!

The video was the YouTubers’ contribution to the global campaign, #CreatorsForChange. YouTube Creators for Change is a new initiative dedicated to amplifying and multiplying the voices of digital content creators who are in a place to raise crucial social issues through their channels. Kudos to you guys! Well said, and performed!

Update: With International Women’s Day behind us, Beseisso re-posted her stereotype-shattering music video on Instagram, gaining a positive half million views and feedback. Haifa joined hands with her Middle Eastern supporters, landing her duo song on Vogue Arabia for her enthusiastic role. The real female power shone through her video, spreading a contagious, uplifting, and empowering message through her melody.

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