A Look at the Finest Handbag Brands in the Region

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By Sarah Alblowi

There’s nothing unique about flashy brand prints. Seeing the same infamous purse, real or fake, on three people walking down the street isn’t “fashion forward.” Diversity is the new buzz word in the fashion industry, and it’s your time to shine.

Skip the Louis Vuitton Instagram pouch for an authentic new brand that isn’t on everyone. These proud Arab designers are making international headlines for their statement pieces.

Sarah’s Bag

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Not only is the brand known for its high-quality dynamic apparel, but they also hold a great message. Beirut born and raised, Sarah Beydoun, found her passion for the brand while she was doing her masters in Sociology. She had a heart for female prisoners and their post-incarceration lives. As we know, especially in the Middle East, the stigma of ex-prisoners is not an easily swallowed pill. Therefore, Sarah made it her mission to fashionably provide jobs to these vulnerable women.


Via Okhtein

Aya and Mounaz Abdelraouf are the Egyptian sisters behind ‘Okhtein,’ the successful brand celebrities are constantly wearing. The luxury brand resembles the exquisite work of two hard working AUC graduates that made it internationally for their great artistic vision. Very proud of their Egyptian roots, the beauties work to incorporate creativity from their surroundings and supporting startup.


Via Marzook

Blinged, gold, silver and a whole lot of gorgeous! Swarovski engraved bags that every girl fancies. Meet the very Great Gatsby glamour balls and shapes that bring together both Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Every bag symbolizes beauty through its own identity. Far from your average plain tote, their bags are jaw-dropping, eye-catchy candy!

Nathalie Trad

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Lebanese but raised in Dubai, the former New Yorker works to blend textures and cultural inspiration in handcrafted luxury pieces. The brand used unique materials such as fresh seashells for reflective shimmers and ripples of textures. Her designs made it onto red carpets, our favorite celebs, and countless magazines, including Vogue.

Farah Asmar

Via theamanqiedit

Something very soothing and satisfying about knowing the idea and meaning behind your bag. You can observe the inspiration behind every bag, guaranteed to make you fall head over heels for the piece. The wide collection from capsules to clutches suits different women and supports their daily movements.


Via Harpers Bazaar Arabia

Minimalistic and sharp, the mostly clear with gold hardware is simply elegant. If you’re a marble lover, prepare to die! Their clutches incorporate rich marbled colors that will take your simple outfit to a 10. We can’t neglect the exotic leather bags and cardholders, that are vibrant and extravagant.

Les Miniatures

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The classic branch-like handles add a feminine touch to the simple modern bag. The vibrant multi-shaped bags are a rich mix of elegance and settle hints of heritage. Proudly Egyptian besties Farah Yasser and Hanna Hazem joined forces to perfect the petite bags.    

Mirna Nakhla

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From bags to shoes and accessories, what else can a girl want? The boutique is a one stop for all your event’s needs. Classically styled hardware covered purses are a red carpet essential, seen on many celebrities from Gouna to Cairo’s film festivals.


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Using the finest exotic leathers and best craftsmanship, this brand is glamorous and practical, fitting every woman’s needs. Simple and easily personalized, Saudi Founder, Princess Reema Bandar Al-Saud, works endlessly to execute the exotic bags, skillfully handmade in Florence for the Middle Eastern women’s everyday use.  


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Meaning “seashells” in Arabic, the brand incorporates nature in clutches with stripes of shiny metals, architectural shapes and shades of blues. The mix of culture and beach, paired with a statement chain, adds an instant modern luxury touch to your look.

Sabry Marouf

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The brand proudly mixes ancient Egyptian heritage and storytelling in modern pieces. Between London and Cairo, the partners showcase their bags as a form of art. Something timeless, curious, and futuristic.

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