Uptown Cairo’s Tent, Lanterns, Arguably Just won Ramadan!

Last Friday was this year’s opening of Uptown Cairo’s renowned tent, Lanterns! It seems that for the third Ramadan, Lanterns is going to revamp the whole sohour experience. The opening was a demonstration of why Emaar’s tent will be the hottest destination this Ramadan.

Live music and entertainment are two of the most vital pillars of Ramadan nights, and to showcase the superiority of their line-up in the holy month, Lanterns hosted the phenomenal Talat Dakkat singer, Abu, in the opening! The fresh people visiting the tent were immensely happy while dancing to their favorite songs from the Quarter-Billion-Views singer.

Lanterns didn’t only win for the amazing entertainment, and from the moment you step foot into it, you’ll understand why! The lively open-air venue is simply perfect for families, group outings, and sohour dates! The decorations and setting of the place will provide you with your dose of oriental vibes that you need in Ramadan.

Super chill and festive energy, and marvelous entertainment programs are not the only things to expect from the promising Ramadan tent! The shisha and the sohour buffet are literally not to be compared with any other place!

WE SAID THIS: We’re looking forward to more nights at Lanterns!