Are you Intermit Fasting and Gaining Weight? Here’s the Reason Why

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Between Paleo, Keto and Atkins, it is definitely hard to keep track of all that is trendy within the diet-sphere. However, if you find yourself fasting during the month of Ramadan, you can definitely utilise this to adopt the long praised lifestyle of Intermittent Fasting.

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You have probably heard of it, Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a dieting system that calls for not eating for anywhere between 16 hours to an entire day. It is the buzziest of all diets with people swearing it can help shed mass pounds. Afterall, Hugh Jackman swore it helped him get in his Wolverine shape “I feel so much better on it,” he said.

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The diet, which allows for an eight-hour window in which to eat followed by a 16-hour, fat-burning fast is one to be followed with extreme caution. The secret lies in switching your body from a sugar-burning machine to a fat-burning. This as J.J. Virgin explains in her New York best-seller, sugar impact diet, is to be done through providing your body with enough Protein, Fiber, and Fat at each meal. “You can tell you’re a sugar burner if you get hungry soon after each meal, can’t seem to lose weight (especially around your waist), and get super crabby or suffer from brain fog if you don’t eat every two to three hours.”

Thus, if you’re looking to shed some of those pounds, lay off the sugar-spiked foods this Ramadan to maintain both a steady insulin and metabolism levels.


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