Up in the Air : How I Achieved My Goals


For someone who is fit, doing certain activities is totally normal & doable, but for me, many activities were impossible.

Mostly things that required knowing and calculating your weight. One of which, Para-sailing; required two people being less than 150 kilos combined. I was 160 kilos just on my own, so definitely that was out of question. Will not even mention skydiving, I knew that if I jumped off that plane, I would rock bottom in a minute.. so I took that off my bucket list – just for a short time, then I made sure to kick-ass and bring it up on the top of my list.

Definitely reaching your own personal goals is just indescribable! Whether weight related ones, financial freedom, finding your life-time partner, and living the dream in every life aspect as you see fit.

Flying off & away in that parachute during my first ever para-sailing experience, meant a lot, much more than losing those 70 kilos off my back.

Looking down and seeing that awesome tranquil water was the true gift of losing weight. Definitely I am physically able to do several other things (many actually!) than that I could back then when I was 160 kilos.

So you want to achieve few things in your life, what should you do and from where to start?!


Create a list of things you want to achieve

I call that the “Dream Book” All the things you would want to achieve from being a vegetarian to skydiving to driving that BMW X5 to living financially free for life.

You start there! Be specific and exact. What you want to achieve?! It is crucial to live close to your dreams and the bigger picture you have (mentally & physically). So mentally you know you want to by that specific car, and physically; is that you have it printed out and you put it on your fridge, in your room or on your computer/phone background.

Don’t write in the “Dream Book” that you want to buy a new car, but rather be specific and even go check that car out at the store; smell it, touch it, feel your dream… make it close to your heart and mind. Leave the store and know (Really have that gut-feeling) that you will be back and pay for it easily.


Love yourself

upintheair2You have to accept yourself the way you are now and work on the things that you want to develop. It is easy when you don’t beat yourself up and give yourself a chance but also do what it takes TODAY to reach the BIG goal you have in mind. This leads us to my theory of…


Just focus on TODAY! I know that yesterday you have screwed up; you ate fast food, you weren’t productive and you simply didn’t do anything that would take you anywhere.. But leave that behind you, and just focus on TODAY.

I understand that tomorrow you have your best friend’s wedding, you won’t be able to workout, and you will have to eat and drink for that friend all night, and you will miss that important meeting.. But you know what, I don’t care, just focus on TODAY. Focus on today and all the things that you can do TODAY to become the best version of yourself; health-wise, be productive, learn something new, develop, work-life balance, your family, your social circle and work on your financials as well.

Think of it as a pie. Life is truly a pie.. work on small things together to bump that pie up and live the dream! Who’s dream?! Its totally yours, so think about it every day and go kick-ass DAILY.

Anyway, I haven’t gone Skydiving yet, but will get that done in Dubai later this year, but I wanted to share with you all what it really meant to me – not losing those 70 kilos – but that feeling of freedom when I was up in the air.