Unforgettable Winter Getaways In The Middle East That Have Something For Everyone

As temperatures drop, the region turns into the ultimate holiday destination, offering a diverse array of winter getaways that redefine the meaning of seasonal retreats. From skiing through the white blankets of snow that cover the peaks of Lebanon to glamping at Jordan’s chilly Wadi Rum desert, it’s time to embark on a journey through this winter wonderland, where every destination unveils its own unique blend of culture, adventure, and relaxation.

Lebanon’s Zaarour

Nestled on the eastern slopes of Mount Sannine is the picturesque ski resort known as Zaarour. Forget about heading to Switzerland to ski, as this mountain getaway boasts the perfect location to hit up the slopes. We recommend heading to Zaarour Club, the ideal winter destination for families that includes Le Grand Chalet Hotel, restaurants, sports courts, an artificial lake, and a ski resort. At this prime location, you and your family can get a much-needed dose of adrenaline through their wide range of activities including skiing and snowboarding.

Jordan’s Wadi Rum

Lodged in the Jordan desert is Wadi Rum, a great expanse that many liken to Mars. Home to rugged red cliffs and billows of sand, the spacious desert sits in the south of Jordan and stands tall as the traditional home of the nomadic Bedouin tribe. To truly soak up the desert experience, Memories Aicha Luxury Camp is a must-stay. Boasting 55 tents that offer mind-blowing panoramas of the Arabian desert, this luxury camp offers an immersive desert experience. Along with your stay, you can also indulge in all that Wadi Rum has to offer including sandboarding on the dunes as well as experiencing a traditional Bedouin dinner.

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UAE’s Hatta

Only a two-hour drive from Dubai is a gorgeous inland exclave that straddles the Hajar mountains bordering Oman. Known as Hatta, the exclave of the Emirate boasts stunning scenery of picturesque lakes and massive mountains making it the perfect holiday escape for hiking and biking enthusiasts as well as anyone who loves to kayak. To get the most out of the Hatta experience, you can stay at the Sedr Trailers, home to gleaming silver trailers where guests get to be surrounded by nature.

Tunisia’s Ain Draham

Get your coats, gloves and thermal wear ready as Tunisia has one city in particular that boasts the ultimate winter experience. Known as Ain Draham, this northwestern quaint village sits within nature with surrounding mountains and endless pine trees scattered across its terrain. Outdoor enthusiasts will love Ain Draham as it boasts multiple outdoor activities including horseback riding through the countryside and hiking through the mountains. For your stay, we recommend trying out El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba as it boasts a relaxing experience, especially through its quality thermal springs.

UAE’s Fujairah

Bringing something different to the table is Fujairah, a small town home to mountains, a beach, and a lot of history. Being the only Emirate with access to the Indian Ocean, visitors get the opportunity to dive and snorkel in its waters. When it comes to the mountains, hiking is a great option as well as camping especially as the town boasts the perfect weather this time of the year. The town is also ideal for history buffs as it is home to several must-visit landmarks including Al Bidya Mosque and Fujairah Fort.

Morocco’s Ifrane

Bringing cottage core vibes to the maximum is Morocco’s quaint snowy town of Ifrane. Many refer to it as the Switzerland of Morocco. Throughout the alpine village, you’ll notice chalets with sloping roofs immersed in lush forests and surrounded by gorgeous small lakes. Just as with Lebanon Zaarour, the town also boasts a winter sports resort with 5 ski slopes and 2 ski lifts. Experience all that Ifrane has to offer by staying at the Michlifen Resort & Golf.

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Each of these winter getaways offers something for everyone, from lakes to mountains to even beaches. All these holiday spots offer the ultimate winter destinations across the Arab world.

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