Meet Hind Al Husseini: The Palestinian Woman Who Established The Dar Al Tifl Al Arabi School

Hind Al Husseini is a Palestinian born in Jerusalem in 1916 who is remembered to this day for rescuing 55 orphaned survivors of a Deir Yassin massacre committed by the Israeli army.

A horrendous story that is crowned by Husseini’s glory in the end. The events took place in 1948, when the occupation committed the Deri Yassin Massacre in Jerusalem which murdered 130 out of 600 villagers and left 55 children ages between 2 and 12 orphaned. These children were tortured and violated then put on a bus and dropped off at an old city in Jerusalem. While the children were walking with nowhere to go, they passed by Al Husseini who was horrified after hearing their story she took them to stay in the Social Work Endeavour Society building, a women’s charity also headed by Al-Husseini.

In 1954, Al Husseini converted her grandfather’s, Salim al-Husayni’s mansion into an orphanage to house them, she named it ‘Children’s Home in Jerusalem’ Dar al-Tifl al-Arabi, which changed over the years and now has been turned into the Girl’s College, and before that the orphanage was turned into an institution for Education and Social Work in 1972.

Al Husseini was born in a reputable family, her cousin was the Palestinian military leader Abd al Qader al Husseini. In addition to her charity, she was a member of the Women’s Solidarity Society and coordinator of the Arab Women’s Union. Her contribution to human rights crowns her name as a great female philanthropist who dedicated her life to bettering the conditions of women and children.

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