Under 18 Egyptian Minors Now Need Governmental & Parental Permission To Travel Solo

Who can deny that solo travelling can be fun! It is a chance for the younger generations to get exposed to the world without parental guidance. However, that doesn’t negate the safety precautions that come with it.

Egypt’s leading airline Egypt Air has updated its conditions for minor solo travelers (under 18 years old who are not accompanied by 16 years or older family member) to include both governmental and parental permissions. Now a minor holder of the Egyptian passport needs to make a visit to the General Administration of Passports in order to get her or his permission to travel without guardian.

Via Egyptair

However, according to Egypt Air’s statement on their official website, sports teams with issued Decree from Ministry of Youth & Sports that has the ‘Eagle’ stamp can travel without such permission from the Administration of Passports. Children with Visual/hearing impaired (blind/deaf) unaccompanied minors are not accepted for unaccompanied travel.

The decision that will be effective from tomorrow Jan 1st, 2024 was not received positively by social media users, especially those who are frequent travelers. Some of them commented that if this is the case only with Egypt Air, then they will opt for another company that doesn’t demand such restrictions. It is expected that the decision will hinder those traveling soon, since paper work for the permission could take time, while the restrictions will be effective in no time.

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