UAE Raises Road Safety Awareness via Smiling Emojis

Via Khaleej Times
Via: Khaleej Times



Looks like the UAE is giving Disneyland a run for its money; indeed, if you think Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, well you clearly haven’t seen what the latest UAE road safety awareness campaign looks like.



While entering the northern side of the country via Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road, make sure you smile back at the three yellow emojis that will be greeting you. The emojis will be accompanied by a ‘Drive safely’ message in Arabic, English and Urdu .


Via: Khaleej Times



The Ministry of Infrastructure and Development has decided to raise road safety awareness in the happiest and cutest way imaginable. Director of the Roads Department at the ministry, Ahmed Al Hammadi, believes that the initiative will spread happiness among the people of the UAE. The project encourages drivers to call 80088889 for emergency maintenance requests.




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