UAE Ensures Schoolchildren’s Safety Through These Driving Laws


Dubai’s latest implementation of driving and traffic rules, is designed to ensure the safety of school going children, especially with back-to-school season being just around the corner.


Indeed, Assistant Commander-in-Chief to the Dubai Police for Operations Affairs, and Chairman of the Federal Traffic Council – Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin- has affirmed that motorists who do not stop their vehicles upon seeing the stop signs located near school areas will receive severe penalties. This could include repeat offenders having to attend traffic school or a similar institution in order to regain their ability to drive. Specifically, these motorists will incur a fine worth Dh 1,000, and they will also receive a whooping 10 black points on their licenses.




Moreover, parents and school bus drivers have been strongly advised by the Major-General to stick to Dubai’s traffic rules, whilst transporting children. The Major-General has asked that parents seat children in the back seats of cars; that parents drop-off children at the areas designated for this; and finally, that parents not allow children to cross streets on their own. Furthermore, school bus supervisors are encouraged to help children abide by these aforementioned safety rules.


The Major-General finally has stated that a total of 40 police officers have been stationed, with the specific purpose and role of organizing the traffic around school areas, and within streets where schools are located.




Similar rules and codes have also been applied in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Director of the Central Operations Department of Abu Dhabi’s police force, Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, has stated the following while commenting on these safety measures.


The Abu Dhabi Police, through its competent departments, is ready for the new academic year and traffic patrols will be intensified at intersections near schools to ensure the safety of children and smooth traffic movement.



WE SAID THIS: We wish all children a safe and happy school year.