Astronaut Captures a Photograph of Mecca Literally Shining from Space

Via Milli Gazete

Russian astronaut, Sergey Ryazanskiy, recently shared some amazing images of the Grand Mosque in Mecca taken from space, and they literally look out of this world.


A post shared by Sergey Ryazanskiy (@sergeyiss) on


He captioned the post: “The holiest place in the Islamic world. #Mecca is beautiful both day and night. Impossible to confuse it with any other city in the world, even from space.” Sergey has also previously captured images from a number of other Arab locations, including Dubai, Egypt, Baghdad, Tunis, Saudi Arabia, Cairo, and Yemen.



Here’s Iraq looking glorious


A post shared by Sergey Ryazanskiy (@sergeyiss) on



Oh, and here’s Egypt being majestic


A post shared by Sergey Ryazanskiy (@sergeyiss) on



WE SAID THIS: Follow Sergey Ryazanskiy for more stunning shots from space! 

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