TV Host Joelle Mardinian Speaks Out About the Importance of Adoption

The Lebanese-Armenian TV Host and Entrepreneur Joelle Mardinian announced on her Instagram last night, in an unexpected and heartwarming surprise, her thoughts on the importance of adoption. Her baby boy, Nathan Mark, who joined the family last year through adoption, was, “a blessing from God,” says Joelle.

Last night Joelle expressed her powerful feelings towards her adorable baby and the true meaning of unconditional love. Adoption is a tough journey and you must be fully committed before taking such a big decision; to take care of a soul is not easy. Joelle continues by explaining, “Yes, I gave birth to Nathan Marc…He came out of my heart and into my arms,” leaving us all in awe. Joelle, you’re such a kind soul and a true inspiration, we can’t wait to see what the future has for baby Nathan.

Check out the post of her adopted son Nathan Mark!

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Yes I gave birth to Nathan Marc ❤️ He came out of my HEART and into my Arms🤱 ADOPTION has a tough journey but nothing GREAT COMES EASILY, FOLLOW YOUR HEART ❤️ BECAUSE ADOPTION IS GOD’S MAP TO YOUR HAPPINESS. Trust Me Please when I tell you that only Mums like me can experience this love ❤️ it feels the same as the love of a mother towards biological child, because God puts this POWERFUL LOVE inside of us ONCE WE TAKE OUR CHOSEN CHILDREN HOME. Adopt a child because ONLY THEN you will experience the daily blessings of God, ONLY THEN you can understand what PURE LOVE TRULY FEELS LIKE. . . نعم ، ولدت ناثان مارك ❤️ خرج من قلبي إلى ذراعي🤱 تبني رحلة صعبة ولكن لا شيء رائع يأتي بسهولة ، اتبع قلبك ❤️ لأن التبني هو خريطتك إلى السعادتك. ثقو بي عندما أقول لكم إن الأمهات مثلي فقط يمكن أن يختبروا هذا الحب ❤️ إنه نفس شعور حب الأم تجاه طفلها البيولوجي ، لأن الله يضع هذا الحب القوي فينا بمجرد أن نأخذ أطفالنا إلى منزلنا، فقط بعد ذلك يمكنك أن تفهم ما يشعر به الحب الصادق. . . #chosenson #myson #myheart #mysoul #myeyes #mybreath #myeverything #thankgod #blessed #happiness #yestoadoption #dabdoob

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