Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip to Dubai

With Dubai being one of the most sought after travel destinations, it’s important to make the best of it while you’re there. Depending on the time you visit, be it winter or summer, the experience will be different and it’s crucial to plan ahead. It is also important to respect cultural differences.

Summer clothing

Temperatures in Dubai can reach over 37 degrees during summer. It is hot and humid with the city sitting along the Persian Golf. Even with increased temperatures, it is extremely important to dress modestly as it is respectful to local culture to cover up. Light, loose clothing that covers the arms and legs is ideal. Sandals are acceptable. A sun umbrella, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and lip balm are needed to combat the sun. Bring a few swimsuits to wear at the pools, beaches or local water parks. If you plan to enjoy the nightlife, an evening dress is appropriate. For men, a nice long-sleeve shirt is acceptable.

Winter clothing

The desert can get quite cold at night so it’s important to bring a jacket or sweater no matter what time of year it is. For women, shawls are common in Dubai’s culture. If visiting in February or December it is smart to bring a slightly heavier set of clothing as the winters are mild but the difference from the desert heat to air conditioning could cause a chill once you’re indoors. Scarves have been found to be helpful on and off the beach. Walking/hiking shoes with quality socks are a must if you plan on taking a desert tour.


Most visitors aren’t used to the exceptionally dry desert heat so it is important to bring a good moisturizer and use it a couple of times a day. Staying hydrated is important as well, so carrying a larger water bottle around while exploring is useful. Because of the high temperatures, it would be wise to bring extra underwear and socks as it takes longer for clothing to dry and you will probably sweat through a fair amount of undergarments.

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Random must-haves

Dubai’s electrical outlets are different from those in the United States, so you will have to buy an adapter to use any hairstyling or charging products.

Cell phones are essential for transportation in Dubai and they will only work if your phone is not locked to a specific carrier, otherwise known as a GSM cell phone. Once you’re there, you will be able to buy a prepaid SIM card at most grocery stores or at the airport.

Credit and debit cards are widely accepted and Dubai is considered a safe city so a money belt is unnecessary. Tourists do not need an international driver’s license to drive a rental car but be sure to bring your regular driving identification.

Dubai is a wonderful place to visit full of gorgeous sightseeing, luxurious warm waters and glamorous evenings. Just make sure you’ve sorted out your Dubai visa before arriving.

WE SAID THIS: Every visitor is impressed by the culture and can’t wait to plan their next trip.